Today we celebrate the 58th birthday of our night guy, Keith Sweat... AKA "Mr. RIght & Wrong Way".... AKA "Mr. Twisted".... AKA "Mr. Make It Last Forever". 

Keith Sweat has been in the game for many years and still killing it! From his 1984 debut album, "Make It Last Forever" to his syndicated night show, "The Sweat Hotel" launched in  2007, Keith Sweat continues to reinvent himself to remain relevant in a forever changing industry.

With a plethora of classics, it was hard for me to choose a favorite Keith Sweat song. So, I turned to you guys for help. I posed the question on Facebook, "What is your favorite Keith Sweat song". Well it looks like there was a tie between "A Right and Wrong Way" and "Make It Last Forever". Two classics loved by Keith Sweat fans all over the world.

If you ever get a chance to see him in concert, you should go. He does an amazing show, and leaves in ALL on the stage.

He also shares a birthday with Danny Glover who turned 73 today and the master of funk, George Clinton, who turned 78 years old today.


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