National Catfish Day is observed every year on June 25th.  And what's more appeasing to the palette than the taste of farm-raised catfish cooked to perfection? In the United States, this national observance dates back to June 25, 1987 when President Ronald Reagan kicked off his national address by acknowledging the pleasures experienced from eating catfish and explaining how catfish farming is a profitable business for farmers and a good food source for Americans.  Therefore, the holiday is traditionally celebrated on the anniversary of President Reagan's anniversary.

As much as I like catching catfish, I believe I enjoy eating them more. Fried, grilled or pan-seared, farm-raised catfish is like a party in my mouth, and I swear my mom cooks the best.  So, on this great day, being that my family doesn't live here, I'm moving our traditional "Family Fish Fry Friday" to "Fish Fry Monday" for one in observation of a delicacy that has brought my family together weekly for years.  Happy National Catfish Day, East Texas!

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