HealthCARE Express Recommends Safety Precautions During Sahara Dust Clouds
Every year, huge dust clouds blow across the Atlantic ocean from the Sahara Desert and fill the sky in the Gulf of Mexico. Normally, these dust clouds are nothing to be concerned about. They just create a hazy overcast in the sky that lends itself to making vibrant sunsets. This year, though, the Sahara dust clouds are especially large and may pose a risk to those with respiratory issues such as asthma or COPD.
The presence of the dust clouds can decrease air quality to unsafe levels, but luckily the COVID-19 precautions requesting we all wear masks when outside can protect you from breathing in any foreign particles that could agitate your respiratory system. An inflammatory response to breathing in the dust particles can cause someone to feel like they are suffering from a cold or allergies, but it poses no serious health risk to those who are healthy. HealthCARE Express does recommend that those with any respiratory issues especially wear masks this weekend to help them stay safe and healthy while they’re outside. Inhaling foreign dust particles can aggravate the respiratory system which can increase the severity of a COVID-19 infection.
So, be careful out there. Go enjoy the sunset and don’t forget your masks!
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