Flower Acres needs your help. In addition to the food pantry ministry, they also have a "survival bag" ministry for the homeless people in Texarkana.

Flower Acres is a group of ladies who gather health and hygiene items along with socks, gloves, bug spray e.g., anything we can provide to make life living on the street a bit easier.The group gathers at the church and assemble Survival Bags. Bags are then distributed out of their cars when they run across folks in need.

Flower Acres Zassder45are asking the public for assistance. We do not spend food pantry donations on anything but food pantry purchases.

We honor our donor intent which is their donation is spent in the food pantry on food only.

We are in need of the following items. If it's in your budget please bring them through on Monday when you come to get your produce.

* white socks (unisex)
* deodorant
* baby wipes (we can re package large pkgs in ziploc bags)
* bug spray
* feminine hygiene pads (no tampons)
* flip flop sandals, they can be cut to fit
* Zip loc bags (generic)
* tums or rolaids
* reader eye glasses (new
or used)
* Tylenol or aspirin (generic)
* neosporin ( generic)
* medicated talcum powder

If each of us could donate one item, we can reach another group of God's children who always seem to be forgotten.

The drop-off location is Flower Acres Baptist Church located at 3000 Flower Acre Rd, Texarkana, TX.

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