It is January and we have a possibility of 'snow' this weekend! Well here is what you can do while we all wait for the white stuff to arrive.

1. New restaurant and club restrictions. Make sure to read this for the latest on the Texas side club closures and restaurant restrictions on both sides of town before you make any plans.

2.A Big selection of live music in Texarkana. There are some great bands to check out. From the sounds of Texarkana Favorite, The Moss Brothers to Jonathan Len you can listen to some great local bands. Remember that Arkansas clubs must close at 11 pm so showtimes will be a little earlier.

3. The Texarkana Museum Systems has a great activity for the kids on Saturday. The 'Disney World Challenge' will have them designing their own theme park.

4.  Snow in Texarkana. Well, it looks like there could be a possibility of snow this weekend in Texarkana. Here are the details.

5.  You could explore downtown Texarkana and see how many of the buildings are still standing from this 1953 chamber of commerce video.

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