We all need advice from time to time but it looks like a lot of people all across this great country like to get advice from Google. There were some interesting findings with people asking the big questions of 'Should I..?' I couldn't help but wonder what the most googled 'Should I' is in Arkansas? And our neighbors in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

First of all, we can thank our friends at attsavings.com for doing all the hard work of finding out the most Google 'Should I' questions in every state in the past year.

One of the Funniest or Maybe Scariest 'Should I' Questions

Should I Have a Baby? That question was asked the most in 5 states! Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico, Mississippi and Hawaii. If you have to ask Google that then maybe you should just get a houseplant instead.

As for our neighboring states here are the Most Googled 'Should I Questions

Oklahoma's Most Googled 'Should I..' Question

Hair salon. Coloring.

Should I Dye My Hair?

This question was popular with 4 other states. You might want to talk with your hairstylist on this one.

      Texas Most Googled 'Should I..' Question

Businessman giving a car key. Getting new car.
Nopphon Pattanasri

Should I Buy a Car?

This makes total sense, especially if your researching makes, models, prices and loan interest rates.

Louisana's Most Googled 'Should I' Question

Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Should I Text Him?

Seriously? You might ask a friend instead of Google! But at least Louisana isn't alone. Two other states are asking that question too.

Arkansas' Most Googled 'Should I' Question?


Should I Buy a Car?

It's so good to see that Arkansans are asking a good normal question!


Look at the diagram below and you can see the Most Googled 'Should I' question is all the states.

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