Of the Twenty-two bullets fired off by police into the Louisville, Kentucky apartment of Breona Taylor on March 13, eight of them struck her as she slept during a no-knock search.This murder happened over 3 months ago. Unfortunately, it has received very little coverage and absolutely zero justice. I KNOW as a mama... if it were my daughter not only would I want justice, I would be ready to pick the world up and drop it on somebody's head.

Here are names and numbers you can call to make your voices heard. SAY HER NAME! "Breona Taylor"!!

#1 Call Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer at 502-574-2003 and demand he fire the officers who murdered Breona Taylor.

#2. Call Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron at 02-696-5300 and demand he CHARGE the officers who murdered Breona Taylor.

#3. Call the interim police chief, Robert Schroeder at 502-574-7111 and demand he complete the investigation immediately and turn it over to Breona's lawyers and the AG.

#4. Specifically to the Louisville residents: CALL your members of the Council and demand they vote to BAN "No-knock warrants" so this never EVERRR happens again.


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