No cash — or energy — for a vacation this year? Skip the jet-setting and have a getaway without going far. Here's how:

Plan for it
A week off can quickly turn your staycation into a week of mindless snacking parked in front of a television…which is hardly a getaway. So make sure you plan your staycation like you would a real vacation, complete with a list of things to see and things to do—or not do!

Get unplugged
Just because you're not heading anywhere where your phone or internet access is spotty doesn't mean you need to stay on call. Make sure you set up an email auto-response that lets colleagues and clients know you're on vacation and won't be available to handle time-sensitive requests.

Get away…kind of
You don't have to stay within a three-block radius of your home to have a staycation. Plan day trips to local towns. Living in a city? Drive an hour or so to the nearest suburb. Already in the 'burbs? Enjoy a day of shopping and meals at the closest city center.

Tackle a bucket list item
Make your staycation memorable by trying something new—whatever that means to you. Go skydiving with your significant other, take the family on a hot air balloon ride, take a dance class—or try anything else that's been sitting on your list of things you want to try "one day".

You're saving money on airfare, so pamper yourself with splurges that will make your staycation week special: hire a cleaning service in lieu of hotel maid service, schedule a massage, or make reservations at the trendiest restaurant in your neighborhood.

- Contributed by Diana Vilibert

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