Sometimes a vacation is more work than fun when you have to do a bunch of planning. It is a lot of work for me because I have so many animals to make arrangements for. The thought of a "staycation" really sounded good. Especially when I realized I had a bunch of time to use or lose before the end of the year.

I have a goal to downsize, organize, simplify my life by 2012 so staying home for a week sounded like a good plan. I probably would have been much further along in my plans had I not gotten sick on the very first day of my staycation. What luck!

I had fun though. A day without make up is a wonderful day and I had several of those. I spent two days organizing my stepkids' room. I admit, I played with some toys. You need to have fun when going through so much stuff you know! I spent some time outside with animals, did a lot of cooking and got a good jump on organizing my house.

I wound up selling two horses and adopting out all of the rescued German Shepherds I had left in the rescue. Now just two more dogs and one cat to go for a complete clean out just in time to start over in the new year. Know anyone looking for a good dog or cat? Check them out:


I'm looking forward to a great rest of the month even though I do not have one Christmas decoration up yet. That's okay, I still have 9 days until Christmas. Plennnnnnty of time.

Check back on Monday to see what other fun I had while on my Staycation.


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