A four-year-old female tiger from the Bronx Zoo in New York City contracted the coronavirus on Sunday, April 5, 2020. This leaves us pet lovers wondering what we can do to keep our furry friends safe during the pandemic. 

Dr. Williams Hagans, a veterinarian out of Hazard, Kentucky said to find the coronavirus in animals now in the United States is a new discovery.

It is a newer strain that we have little information about, so that is still in research and still in discovery on whether or not they can get that same virus that we have.

Since the tiger tested positive for the coronavirus, Dr. Hagan has the following solutions for how to take precaution and keep you and your pet safe:

1. If you test positive for the virus, you should limit access to your pet. Have someone else feed it.

2. If you test positive for the virus it is also recommended you give your pet a bath.

3. Don't allow others to pet your dog, cat, etc... due to the surface contaminant on them which will be in their fur.

Check out the video below:


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