I can't hardly believe it... I AM A FINALIST! The best contests are usually on radio, and radio people cannot win. So, when I got word that I was a finalist in this Facebook contest for Beaches Resorts I danced a little jig. Now, I need your vote!

When I played little league baseball, I once won a baseball bat because I sold more salt shaker thing-a-ma-bobs than the other kids. That's the last time I remember winning a contest.

We do some awesome radio contests for listeners... we have given away trips, cars, cash, of course LOTS of tickets, etc...and we LOVE doing that, but sometimes we would like to win something, anything,  but being that we are on the radio, we are not allowed to even enter. So, I occasionally enter contests that I am allowed to play, though it usually just ends up with sales calls from home alarm companies, this time I am actually a finalist in a contest to win a trip to a Beaches Resort and I will be able to take 15 of my family and friends. How cool would that be?

Now, I have been to a couple of Beaches Resorts before with work, but if not for work, I would never have seen or experienced such special places, and because it was work, I was never able to take my children, and I have felt guilty about that. We have tried to save money to take my daughters, but you know how that goes... water heater, transmission, busted water pipe... there's always something that comes up, and without this contest I don't see me ever being able to take my family on such a vacation.


Now, I know it's getting the cart in front of the horse and all, but I have decided that if we are lucky enough to win this prize package, my wife and I will re-new our wedding vows on the beach, with all of our family there for it. That has been something we have wanted to do for a number of years, but it's always just been a far-away wish... now it seems like it COULD really happen.

Just about every time a Facebook friend asks for a vote, a like, or a share, I do it. So, I am asking you for help this time... Please cast a vote for my family and me to win this prize package. You can vote everyday until May 16, that is when Beaches will announce the winner.  I thank you, and my family thanks you.

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