I was sitting in the conference room just eating my oatmeal and minding my own business when my coworker, Wes, from Power 95.9 decided to share with me that there is a recall on oatmeal. 

I think I paused in mid-chew thinking well he's about 10 bites too late with this info. So, I had to go do my research so I'd know if I needed to tell my kids to dig up the will. So here's the thing, oatmeal lovers... On Jan. 28 the FDA issued a recall on a popular brand of oatmeal products called, think! 

Here's the issue.... The oatmeal may contain undeclared tree nuts, including almonds and pecans, which is what initiated the recall when a customer reported finding a piece of undeclared almond in their oatmeal, according to bestlifeonline.com.

I have personally never heard of the brand. However, I encourage you to check your pantry and see if you have Think! oatmeal in your pantry.

If you have purchased the products under recall, don't eat them. You can return them to the place of purchase and get a full refund. Hopefully I caught you BEFORE you get ready to indulge in your oatmeal morning delight. Fortunately for me, my oatmeal was from McDonalds. So, I'm safe after all.

For additional information, consumers may call 866-98THINK from 8:30 – 5:00 pm CST.

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