Did you know that tomorrow, Saturday, September 3 is 903 Day? It is the day to celebrate our area code 903 and is there any better way to celebrate the day than with free food? Not likely.


There is a chain of restaurants that is celebrating the big day in a big way. Participating McDonald’s restaurants in the 903 area code area are celebrating 903 Day by giving you a free Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

How Do I Get My Free Sandwich?

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This is only available through the McDonald’s app and it's only one day on Saturday, September 3, 2022. And no purchase is necessary. It's not a trick or anything, it's for real and it's happening in Texarkana and other areas in East Texas with the 903 area code.

Why are they Giving Away Free Food?

This is a way for local owners to celebrate and show their appreciation for their community.

Nimi Diffa on Unsplash
Nimi Diffa on Unsplash

Michael Retzer Jr a local McDonald's owner stated in a press release;

  We love our community and wanted to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers in a big way.


The press release also stated that the restaurant has area code celebrations throughout the year giving the local owners the chance to give back to their communities.

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