On Sunday I made a trip to Arkadelphia to drop off my son at his friend's houseboat

According to Apple Maps, the trip from Texarkana to Arkadelphia should only take an hour and 15 minutes. But we all know that sometimes there is construction going on so we had to plan for those possible slowdowns.

On our way there just a little outside Hope, we encountered a small Honda SUV driving in the left-hand lane. It was going just a little under the speed limit. Keep in mind in Arkansas the car speed limit on the interstate is 75 mph and the 18-wheeler speed limit is only 70 mph.

So here is this little Honda just tooling along under the speed limit after going by a big truck. The Honda never made an attempt to change lanes, it just kept going on in the left lane with nobody in the right lane and it was going slow. It was all I could do and not road rage on this driver. But eventually, I was able to go by the big truck and pass the Honda in the right-hand lane.

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As soon as I passed the Honda there is a big sign that clearly says "left lane for passing only". I am pretty sure it is like this everywhere but if you are curious here is the official code from the State of Arkansas on left lane driving.

Arkansas Code Ann. 27-51-301 states that vehicles cannot be driven on the left except to pass unless the right lane is closed or in disrepair or when vehicles are preparing to exit the highway from the left. The law also "mandated" the "Slower Traffic Keep Right"

Corporal Liz Chapman with the Arkansas State Police says:

that cruising in the left lane is illegal: “Arkansas law states, you cannot continuously operate a motor vehicle in the left lane of traffic.”

So the next time you feel the need to cruise in the left lane remember that if you are not passing someone and you linger in the left lane it is technically illegal and you can get a ticket.

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