Hey Texarkana: We already know, or should already know, just how dangerous yard clippings left in the street are to motorcycle riders, but the question is, is it illegal? Let's find out.

It's a little complicated, but the short answer is, "Yes". It is illegal to leave your yard clippings in the street in Texarkana, Texas, but Bowie County and the state of Texas do not have laws against it that I have been able to find. Believe me, I've looked.

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Many city governments have local ordinances against it though, not because of the danger it poses to motorcycle riders, it has to do with drainage.

Text from a city document to help residents, landscapers, and maintenance crews understand proper yard waste disposal in Texarkana.

It is a violation of the City Ordinance 125-34 – Stormwater Management Article II - Illicit Discharges to place, blow, or dump anything into a street, storm drain, drainage  channel, or creek. When yard waste is blown into the streets as a result of landscape maintenance, it can slow the flow of water, potentially causing flooding. It also is eventually washed into the storm drain system significantly impacting the quality of your drinking water. Unlike sanitary sewers, debris in the storm drain system flows directly into the nearest lake, stream, creek or river without any treatment to remove contaminants

To learn more about proper yard waste disposal on the Texas side of Texarkana download and view the attachment-yard waste disposal-residential.

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On the Arkansas side of Texarkana? No ordinance or state law exists that I have been able to find. Let's be nice to our motorcycle friends anyway, please don't blow your lawn clippings out into the street. If you blow them back into the yard from the street, you won't have to use as much fertilizer.

Just a thought.

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