Rabbits are every where right now. People are mowing yards and planting flowers which is stirring up bunny nests. You may think you are saving the bunny but you may be causing more harm. Here are the answers you are looking for if have found a baby bunny.

Lori Anderson operates a licensed wildlife rescue in Texarkana and in the video below provides everything you need to know about what to do when you come across baby bunnies.

Here are some key things to know if you find a baby bunny:

  • If you uncover a nest with a baby bunny in it, simply cover it back up and leave it alone
  • If you touch a baby bunny don't worry, the mother will still take care of it
  • Use the string test, lay a piece of string across the hole of the nest so you can see if the mother comes back to take care of the baby bunny
  • Momma bunnies only feed their babies twice a day so don't get impatient
  • If you have a baby bunny that needs to be rescued, put it in a ventilated box and do not disturb it. Take it to Rankin Veterinary Clinic in Nash, Texas and wildlife rescue will pick it up from there after the vet has had a chance to examine it.
  • Remember, always leave wildlife alone if at all possible

If you would like to follow Lori's wildlife rescue online, visit her Facebook page called Toby's Tales.

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