Did you know that there are certain snakes in Arkansas that you can't kill. Hope you got your running shoes ready!

At the very mention of the word snake, my flesh crawls. Well, while driving home from the station yesterday, and long snake was stretched out trying to cross the street... I'm sure to seek some relief from the sun because it was piping hot. In any event... whereas, most people will try to run over them, I dodge them because I don't need to step out of my car to a surprise hanging underneath my car. Well, now I'm glad I did because according to my sister station Power 95.9, it is against the law in Arkansas to kill certain snakes.

In my mind, all snakes are poisonous. They will kill you, so you have to kill them first.  However, according to statebystategardening the state of Arkansas has classified two snakes as imperiled or endangered iin the state... 1. The common Worm Snake. 2. Diamond Back Rattle Snake. Watch below to see what they look like.




I know.... who cares, right?? Apparently the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission does, and here is the exact wording notifying all that it is indeed illegal to kill these snakes: 

All native snakes, including venomous snakes, are protected by law and are illegal to kill unless they ‘pose reasonable threat or endangerment to persons or property’ on your private property, according to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission wildlife code. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission enforces regulations that prohibit killing nongame species, including snakes, except under limited circumstances.

Evidence indicates some snake species are declining due to habitat destruction and human activities. The Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan (wildlifearkansas.com) identifies seven snake ‘species of concern’ because of declining numbers, including two venomous species, the western diamondback rattlesnake and the Texas coral snake.

So, the next time you dodge a snake in the road, you could be dodging jail or a fine.

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