The last 4th of July in Texarkana was a violent one for Texarkana police officers. This year they are trying to make sure everyone can have a safe and peaceful 4th of July. It's the Safe Celebration Campaign.

I know it is sad to think we even need a campaign for this but last year when our police officers attacked and injured, well that is horribly wrong.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police stated that on July 4th of 2022, numerous police officers responded to a 911 call. There was an injured female in the street. The officers found her and her leg was bleeding. She said that there was a group of juveniles shooting fireworks at her and she was hit in the leg.

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Then according to a press release from the TAPD;

As officers were attempting to render medical attention, a large group of juveniles estimated over 100, began firing fireworks including large mortar rounds at the officers. These mortar rounds are the type that fire multiple large rounds into the air during a large demonstration. These rounds were turned on their sides and pointed at the officers and first responders.

This continued through the evening while some rescue operations by first responders took place. Four officers were sent to the hospital for substantial or serious injuries and 2 other officers were treated for minor injuries.

This year we pray will be different. Part of the Safe Celebration Campaign is to spread the word about the correct way to use fireworks plus other firework safety reminders and the consequences of not following the law.


The Texarkana Arkansas Police posted photos of the horrible injuries sustained last year as a reminder that these actions against the police and first responders in not acceptable, in fact, it is a federal offense of 10 to 40 years or life in prison.

The sad thing is, these officers were only trying to help and they were attacked with serious injuries.

Police officer in bulletproof vest outdoors, back view

Texarkana Arkansas Police along with the Miller County Sherriff's Office wants citizens to be responsible and watch out for each other which in turn will teach our children to be respectful of our neighbors, and to help each other support community.

The Safe Celebration Campaign is a joint effort of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department, Miller County Sherriff’s Office, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Fire Department, Local Ministerial Alliance, and We are Washington.

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