Texarkana Police, along with other local, regional and state law enforcement officers will be looking for those people that are not buckled up. Buckling up only takes a few seconds and could save you and your passengers from injury in case of an accident. #ClickItOrTicket
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If you do get caught not wearing a seat belt it could cost you a lot of money. Is it worth it? Not only can it get expensive in fines, but it will also make you late for any events you may be going to.
Save your time, money and possibly your life by buckling's that easy.
Young latin man sitting on car seat fastening seat belt
The National Click It or Ticket campaign is a high-visibility law enforcement effort. The national seat belt campaign always takes place around the Memorial Day holiday weekend. This year it started earlier this week on Monday, May 22 and will run until June 4, 2023.
Woman Driving
Hopefully, over the next week, you and your family will get into the habit of buckling up as soon as you get in your vehicle.
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