Obviously, we make a lot of jokes about Artificial Intelligence taking over the world like when Skynet became self-aware in the Terminator movies, and everybody laughs... nervously. Do we have a real reason to be concerned? You bet we do, and Governor Greg Abbott confirmed that when he signed House Bill 2060 by Representative Giovanni Capriglione and Senator Tan Parker establishing the Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council.

The Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council will be tasked to study and monitor artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed, employed, or procured by Texas state agencies.

“As AI becomes more prevalent as a revolutionary tool in our lives and in our workforce, we must ensure that this technology is developed in a responsible and ethical way in Texas to help boost our state's growing economy,” said Governor Abbott. “To protect Texans’ privacy and basic civil liberties, I signed legislation creating the Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council to study and monitor artificial intelligence systems developed or used by our state agencies. The Council will help cement Texas’ position as a national leader in innovative technology, ensuring our state continues designing and employing the latest and greatest AI technology while prioritizing the security of all Texans.”

The seven-member Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council will provide additional oversight to ensure AI systems are developed in a responsible and ethical manner to protect the privacy and civil liberties of Texans.

In addition, the Council will assess the need for a state code of ethics for AI in state government, review automated decision systems, evaluate potential benefits and risks as a result of implementing automated decision items, and recommend administrative actions state agencies may take to ensure AI systems are thoughtfully and ethically developed.

Since we brought it up, remember the scene in "Terminator 3" when Skynet began its takeover? Yeah, we do too, he said with a nervous chuckle...

It's just a movie... it's just a movie... it's JUST A MOVIE! Did you hear about the report that Google AI claimed it was already sentient?

Really, what could go wrong?

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