Attention Arkansas bargain hunters, are you really getting your best deal when shopping at a dollar store? Especially since most have raised the prices to $1.29. The answer is, as you may already suspect, NO, not always, it just depends on the item. 

Stores like Dollar Tree and other Dollar-type stores still have bargains to be sure, but not on everything. As inflation continues to rise, and our paychecks don't seem to keep pace, many of us have to watch our pennies even closer to ensure we are getting the most for our hard-earned dollars.

pennies in a shopping cart - canva
pennies in a shopping cart - canva

Knowing which stores are going to have your best value on different items can be a bit of a chore, but if your budget is tight it might be worth the effort over time, that's where we come in with a few items to watch out for.

11 Items You Should NEVER Buy at an Arkansas Dollar Store

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So, now you know.

Other variables can come into play:

  • Dollar store location and distance
  • Walmart or other shopping distances and frequency.
  • How much you need to buy that day. (is it worth the trip to another store just to save 30 cents on one item? Probably not.)

Just a few things to consider when trying to save a little money here and there. Keep your head above the rising economic tide, good luck, we are all pulling for you.

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