It's summer time and that means vacation time. Flying to your destination is fast but driving to your destination can be full of fun stops along the way. We found the strangest, weirdest, craziest roadside attractions to watch for in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.

These are some weird roadside attractions that if you happen to be traveling near you will want to make a quick stop and yes, take a selfie.

Thrillist website came up with the top weirdest roadside attractions in each state. Have you been to any of these places?

Oklahoma's Weirdest Roadside Attraction

The Blue Whale

Google Maps
Google Maps


The Blue Whale is located on Route 66 in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

Why there is a blue whale in the middle of nowhere? It was a gift from a husband to his wife. The whale was first the centerpiece of a roadside attraction called The Animal Reptile Kingdom (A.R.K.) which was a big Noah's Ark. Years later the attraction was abandoned but the blue whale still stands. There is even a gift shop and Facebook page

Texas Weirdest Roadside Attraction

The Orange Show

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Orange Show, located in Houston's East End, was the artistic vision of the late Jefferson Davis McKissack. It's a 3,000-foot area in a maze-like structure that pays homage to McKissack's favorite fruit...the orange. The place is currently closed for renovations but you can still get your picture taken in front of it...and that's what really matters.

Arkansas' Weirdest Roadside Attraction

Giant Budweiser Can

Google Maps
Google Maps

The giant Budweiser can is located in Lavaca, Arkansas just outside Ft. Smith. This giant can of Bud is a silo that sits on the private property of a ranch called Belle Point. The owners not only had a big love for the beer they were also distributors of Anheuser Busch. Don't worry they're used to seeing people stop on the side of the road for a quick picture. It's been there since the 1970s and was just repainted in 2019. You'll find the silo on the corner of Highways 22 and 96.

You can see the Weirdest Roadside Attractions in all 50 States here.

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