Police in Georgetown, Kentucky have launched an internal investigation following the theft of a... peanut butter sandwich?

The Incident That Led To The Internal Investigation

According to the department, the theft occurred at a local school this week.

"Officer Brandon White was enjoying a delicious peanut butter sandwich when someone called him on the radio," the department shared on its Facebook page. "He left his halt-eaten sandwich on his desk, confident it would be there when he returned."

The sandwich was gone once White came back to the desk.

With no one else around, White's attention turned toward Officer Ollie who had just left the room.

Ollie, a K-9 who works at the department, allegedly refused to make eye contact with White upon leaving the office.

"We questioned Ollie, but he is staying tight-lipped on the situation," the department shared. "We only have Officer Ben Martin's statement that 'Ollie's breath reeked of peanut butter that night and he had a very light dinner, which is odd for him.'"

The incident is still under investigation at this time. The Georgetown Police Department has reached out to the public for input on how they should proceed with the investigation.

Many are rushing to Ollie's defense.

What The Community Is Saying

"First offense, let him go with a warning," Cindy Power Underwood commented under Ollie's mug shots. "Just look at his face. He didn't mean to eat it. He was trying to protect it so no other Ollies would get it."

Amee Cornn Harrison is worried about Ollie's ability to afford proper legal representation.

"Where's the video proof?" she asked on Facebook. "Where's the Go Fund Me to get Ollie a real attorney? He can't waste time with a court appointed attorney. I demand justice."

There's a chance Ollie isn't totally innocent despite that adorable face. The department alleges he has been known to break the rules in the past.

"Ollie has a history of rummaging through trash cans, begging and even side-eyeing those with food in hand," the department posted on social media.

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