UPDATE (April 23):

Megan Thee Stallion's attorney Alex Spiro has released a statement to XXL regarding the new lawsuit filed against the rapper.

"This is an employment claim for money -- with no sexual harassment claim filed and with salacious accusations to attempt to embarrass her," the statement reads. "We will deal with this in court."


Megan Thee Stallion is being accused in a new lawsuit of harassment by a former cameraman who claims he was trapped in a car with the rapper while she was having sex with another woman.

Megan Thee Stallion Faces New Lawsuit

On Tuesday (April 23), NBC News first reported a man named Emilio Garcia filed a lawsuit against the popular Houston rapper in Los Angeles County Superior Court. In the lawsuit, Garcia accuses Megan of harassment and having a hostile work environment. Garcia, who worked as a personal cameraman for Megan from 2018-2019 but continued to do freelance work for the rapper in the years following, specifically recounts a time when he was allegedly trapped in a moving vehicle while Megan engaged in sexual intercourse with another woman.

Garcia alleges the incident happened in 2022 during a trip to Ibiza, Spain. Following a night out, Garcia, Megan and three other women were riding in a SUV when the rapper and one of the women allegedly started having sex.

"I felt uncomfortable. I was kind of frozen, and I was shocked. At kind of just be the overall audacity to do this right, right beside me," Garcia told NBC News in an interview.

He goes on to claim that the following day, Megan ordered him to, "Don’t ever discuss what you saw," the suit states.

Garcia also claims he was degraded by Megan on the same trip about his weight.

"To hear someone who advocates about loving your body tell me these things," Garcia said in the interview, "I felt degraded."

Garcia alleges his pay structure was altered following the incident and he was treated differently. In June of 2023, he claims Roc Nation told him his services were no longer needed.

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Accuser's Attorney Provides Statement

Garcia's attorney Ron Zambrano has released a statement to XXL about the lawsuit.

"Megan just needs to pay our client what he’s due, own up to her behavior and quit this sort of sexual harassment and fat-shaming conduct," he said. "Emilio should never have been put in a position of having to be in the vehicle with her while she had sex with another woman. 'Inappropriate' is putting it lightly. Exposing this behavior to employees is definitely illegal."

Megan Thee Stallion is currently prepping her Hot Girl Summer Tour, which is slated to begin on May 14.  Her single "Hiss" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February.

50 Cent Reacts to Megan Thee Stallion Lawsuit News

50 Cent has weighed in on the lawsuit news.

"This Camera man and the lawyer who made this claim should be punched in the head," Fif captioned a news article about the suit. "I’m sorry 2 women start making out, I’m not offended. THIS CASE IS THROWN OUT OF MY COURT."

XXL has reached out to Megan Thee Stallion's team for comment.

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