It looks like Jeezy will have to cut a big check after a judge ordered him to pay a musician-singer over $100,000 for  jacking his beat.

The case stems from Edaz Redden’s 2015 lawsuit against the Atlanta rapper. In the suit, Redden claims that Jeezy stole his music and used it as his own.

Redden said that he created a song called "I Ball, I Stunt" back in 2007 and had the track copyrighted a couple years later. While shopping the song around to artists in 2010, he gave a copy to Kyle Smith who is an associate of rapper Scrilla on Jeezy's label.

Redden claims that the song somehow fell into the hands of Jeezy who then recorded a song by the same name and released it in May 2011. The musician said the two songs are indentical and share the same chorus, which is the use of "I Ball, I Ball, I Stunt, I Stunt."

In April 2016, Redden asked a judge for a default judgment since the rapper has never shown up in court to respond to the lawsuit.

According to TMZ, the judge recently entered a default judgment in favor of Redden, who was initially seeking $98,519.29 in damages for profits owed to him by Jeezy.

Jeezy tried to get out of paying, claiming that he was never properly served and therefore didn't know about the lawsuit. However, the judge didn't buy his excuse and ordered the rapper to pay Redden a judgment of $111,347.29.


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