Joe Biiden's allies aren't feeling the idea of Senator Kamala Harris for his Vice President and have waged a "shadow campaign" to STOP it from happening.

CNBC's Brian Schwartz tweeted that the Team-Biden members feel that she's too ambitious and will only focus on becoming president, herself. Check out his tweet below....



Schwartz added in a separate tweet that some of Biden's allies are not over Senator Harris coming for Biden on his Civil Rights record in the first debate and doubt her loyalty.
It was also that some of the senator's own constituents do not want her in the White House and are trying to derail any chances of it happening.

Early this week I shared on the air about the reporter zooming in on Biden's notes during press conference and seeing information pointing to Kamala Harris becoming his VP. Biden shared on Tuesday that he will announce his running mate next week. So, we're awaiting.

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