Congratulations to the honorable Judge Greg Mathis on courtroom TV!

For 20 years, Judge Mathis has been a national figure known for his advocacy campaigns for urban youth, and commitment to equal justice. A street youth, himself, he was able to rise from jail to judge providing hope to millions who watch him on the Emmy® nominated, award-winning television court show Judge Mathis each day.

In his efforts to reach out to youth and ex-offenders both in and outside of the courtroom, Judge Mathis opened the Mathis community center in his hometown of Detroit and has assisted thousands of youth with his non-profit agency Young Adults Asserting Themselves (Y.A.A.T.), an agency that provides career, business start-up and job opportunities, as well as job training and college enrollment assistance.

Catch the Judge Mathis Show twice a day... Once at 3 PM and again at 3 AM CST on Fox.

Friends gather below to help the good Judge celebrate

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