Justin Timberlake has been accused of cultural appropriation after calling SZA "sis" multiple times during a new interview on Ellen.

The musicians appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show Thursday (March 12) to discuss their new <em>Troll World Tour collaboration, "The Other Side," and during the interview, SZA was asked about her recent Rolling Stone cover, in which she appears alongside Normani and Megan Thee Stallion.

"I just want to ask you... was it hot?" DeGeneres asked, referring to the fact that the "Broken Clocks" hitmaker wore a bikini top and baggy pants during the magazine's photoshoot.

"Oh, sis!" Timberlake said as SZA began to explain herself.

"What are you doing to them, sis?" he interrupted again, putting on a cringe-worthy, sassy voice.

The 39-year-old singer then continued to talk over SZA as she tried to respond to the question, ultimately adding, "Sometimes y’all got to let 'em know, 'I’ve been workin’ out'."

Check out the interview for yourself, below:

Understandably, the internet was not impressed by Timberlake's commentary.

Meanwhile, others couldn't get over how many times he interrupted SZA...

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