Kanye West may be a card short of a full deck right now, be he ain't crazy. He knows any threats made by Daz Dillinger and the Dogg Pound are not to be taken lightly. To avoid all possibilities of having to go Through The Wire again, he has beefed up his security while in those Cali Streets.  

Tuesday night, Kanye was spotted with an entirely new security team.  The additional bodies, of course, were due to the “Crip Alert” sent out by none other than the Dogg Pound’s Daz Dillinger for Mr. Ye. The West Coast vet and well-known Cripster called for all members of the Crip gang across the country to physically assault West on sight and warned against him being caught out in California. Yeah, the entire state, which happens to be the state where Kanye resides. Too late to change the album from Ye vs. Everybody to Ye vs. Cali Crips?

According to a video from Daz, Kanye filed a restraining order against him following the Crip Alert. This seemed to tic Daz off even further.

With the Kardashian-West family living in LA and already a bit paranoid following the terrifying incident Kim faced when robbed in Paris, we'll just see how this plays out. Well.... Kanye, you're a long way from dealing with Ni**as In Paris. This sounds pretty, cuz.

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