Typically when you hear the phrase, "Go Green," it's in reference to saving the environment. lol Well not so much in my case. There have been several questions about my new hair color. Well friends, I really wish I had some deep meaningful explanation for why I decided my hair should be peacock green, but I don't. lol However, I'm an open book, so below I'm answering some of your inbox questions.

#1. What color green is that? It's peacock green.

#2. Did you color your real hair or is that weave? It's actually a full lace-front wig that is sewn down. My natural hair is not THIS long. lol The process to get this color would've been hell on my natural hair anyway.

#3. What made you dye your hair green of all colors?  I'm a free spirit, and "normal" bores me after a while. lol And honestly, at this age popular opinion means little to me so *in my Yella Beezy voice* "I Do What I Wanna."  I saw the color... fell in love, and the rest is peacock green history. :)

#4. What's your next hair color? Back to black baby

#5. Are you a big fan of Nikki Minaj? No, but I do like a lot of her music. It just takes me a while to really consider myself a "fan" of an artist.

#6. Who did your hair? THE Brandon Beed

#7. What did people at your job say about your hair? Nothing, I'm in radio. Anything goes! lol

#8. Do you like it? I actually loved it before anyone even said they liked it!

#9. Do you get a lot of people starring at you? Sometimes. I typically get one of two responses: Either someone will come up and tell me how much they like the color or they'll just stare at me until I catch 'em looking. lol

#10. Has anyone criticized your hair? No, but my son told me it was too much! lmbo

Be Bold! Be you! No apologies.


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