THIS MEANS WAR! And I need ya’lls help!

Nothing brings out the competitor in me like a good challenge. This Saturday I will kick off an all out friendly competition with my sister station Power 95.9 at Robbins Toyota's showroom floor for their Tundra Turf War.  There are two Tundras on the showroom floor of Robbins Toyota, labeled Majic 93.3 and one labeled Power 95.9. Whichever station can fill the bed with more items wins! See where I'm going with this? I need your help to fill the Majic Tundra truck first. 

Majic 93.3 is collecting toys for the children at the Domestic Violence Prevention Center of Texarkana. Come hang out with me at 11 AM and PLEASE bring an unwrapped toy with you to Robbins Toyota located at  6233 Mall Dr, Nash, TX.  So, that’s Kings Hwy & I-30,  

If you can't get by tomorrow, no problem. We have til December 15 to fill this truck. Just walk in, drop off and you're back in your car in less than 5 minutes. .

Thanks in advance!!

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