Today I had the pleasure to interview 3X Grammy-nominated R&B artist, KEM about his new album, "Love Always Wins".

To all my KEM fans, he's baaaaaaack! After a 6-year hiatus, Kem is once again gracing us with his jazzy melodies, deep lyrics and intimate vibe in his new album, "Love Always Wins". Check out a portion of our interview below:



If you're a newbie to Kem, here's a little background:

KEM is a singer/song writer who's capable of connecting romantic joy with spiritual renewal. He's very unique in his place in our music culture. He really can't be classified in a particular genre. He's a little R&B, he's a little jazz, he's a little sacred music. And he makes it gel so well together that any and everyone can listen and enjoy.

Nearly two decades ago, Kem exploded onto the music scene with his debut album, Kemistry. He borrowed money to finance the project and sold cds out of the trunk of his car. Five albums and some thee milliomn sales later, he has established himself as a prominent voice articulating critical matters of the heart and soul.


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