My friends have concealed information, sneaked around, told me little untruths here and there for months!  To tell you they gave me the surprise of my life on Friday is an understatement. The entire time my best friend had me thinking she was taking me to Shreveport for my birthday. I bought the story... hook, line and sinker. The entire day was full of well-intended deceit and manipulation. lol

I went about my day getting glamorized for "Shreveport". Brandon Beed hooked up my hair. Margaret of Eye Envy beat my face, and by 10 pm I was beautified and ready for whatever in Port City. The entire time I'm not knowing she's in cahoots with the person I'm closest to, Derrick Blair.

So, my bestie and I made it to my place when she hands me a replica of the iconic white dress Marilyn Monroe wore in the movie, "The Seven Year Itch", and says, "Here put this on for the night.". I lit up because if nothing else, I knew I was in for one heck of a night as Miss Monroe.

We arrive downtown Texarkana to "talk to a friend before heading out" when my friend begins trying to walk in random doors saying, "Hey, let's go in here and crash a party". Whet?!? After declining a couple of times, I grew a bit frustrated. Finally, with the help of a friend who was standing on the sidewalk, I was encouraged and low-key forced to follow my crazy friend through doors that led to God only knows where.

I stepped through the door, and nothing could have prepared me for what was on the other side. The faces of some of my favorite people in the world waiting to celebrate lil 'ol me! "SURPRIIIIIIISE!"

Oh my God.... That night, I was filled with an emotion that extended beyond surprise and is almost indescribable. A surprise party was the farthest thing from my mind. They got me goooood! I am so blessed to have great people in my life who genuinely care enough about me to make this birthday the best one yet. My family was there, my new family was there. What more could I ask for?!

The party was a beautiful Marilyn Monroe "Some Like It Hot" theme decorated by the one and only Tomeka Grady of Diva Maintenance.

Below, check out some pics from one of the most memorable days of my life.