Last night (Thursday night), I went to go see Tyler Perry's Acrimony. Well, I will just say this.... any man who even considers using and/or manipulating a woman now has two hours of film to help the reconsider. 

Friends who had seen the movie, gave it conflicting reviews. Therefore, I had to go check it out for myself. Below are my six thoughts/feelings after watching Tyler Perry's Acrimony. 

1.  Would I go so the movie again? Yes, but not because it was one of my favs. I would go see it again, just to see what I missed. I left the theater feeling as though I  didn't pick up on a couple of things until the end that were very important.

2. I went in with preconceived knowledge of what this movie was all about. In my head, I knew the beginning through to the end and figured this it would be as predictable as some of Tyler Perry's other movies. However, I was surprised, and you will be too.

3. I left very conflicted... While the woman in me understands what fuels Melinda's, (Taraji's character) wrath, I also felt that Robert (Lyriq Bent) made some notable gestures to right a wrong.

4. I realized exactly why TLC said they "Don't want no scrubs". lol

5. I left pondering the question... What, if any, is the expiration date on "sticking by your man"?

6. Lastly, I realized it is a norm to raise a man or woman for their future spouse.

Well, hopefully I didn't give away too much, yet enough to peak your interest a bit.

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