KeKe Wyatt and her new husband Zachariah Darren are expecting their first child, and Wyatt's 10th. 

In a photos in Instagram posted by KeKe Wyatt announced the joyous news that they are expecting a child together. KeKe writes in the caption:

My husband Zackariah Darring and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting our new bundle of joy! We are excited to welcome the 10th addition to our beautiful family.

Ya know as a mother of only two, there are a few questions that immediately come to MY mind when you think about mothering not 1...not 5...but 10 danggone kids!! Like....

1.Who's about to feed these 10 mouths... 12 plus parents.

2. Why on earth would anyone of the 21 century choose to have 10 kids?

3. Am I mentally stable? lol And if so, will I still be after bearing and raising 10 chillun?

4. How much does a nanny cost??

5. Will I be in diapers when the last one turns 18?

Well.... we don't have to wonder what the life of a mom of a 10 piece spicy is like while balancing being wifey and an artist because KeKe is documenting her pregnancy journey in a new video series. She shared the following with IG.

Stay tuned for the release date & information for my new YouTube Series ‘The Keke Show’ where you will see me balancing Wife, Mommy and Artist!!! Trust me…it’s never a dull moment with my family. Love ya sugars!”


We will her all the blessings of any mom with 10 kids, and pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby girl or boy.

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