Kellie made a HUGE announcement on the show this morning, yes THAT announcement! Allen proposed this weekend! Watch Kellie tell the story below, then be sure you check out all of the pictures at!

Big Al and his son went on a top secret mission this weekend to find their stolen bounce house, no one was surprised to find out that it was a failed mission. Watch the video.

Christi called in for "Six Seconds from the Beach" and named all three Adele songs so she is now planning for a beautiful beach vacation in Florida!


Need a last minute Valentine's Day gift? We'll give you some great gift ideas with a special edition a Craigslist Valentine's Day! ​

We still have more trips to give away with "Six Seconds from the Beach". Tune in tomorrow for your chance to win a vacation to St Pete Beach, Florida!

Plus, we'll talk Tinder and have a bonus Love Letter to Kellie in honor of Valentine's Day!
If you missed the last live show, load it up and listen right now at


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