There's been much debate about Colin Kaepernick's anthem protest. Since he's not been signed by any NFL team following his decision to kneel in light of state sanctioned police killings of black people, his protest has evolved into an all out boycott of the NFL for many supporters, including J. Cole.

Now, Kendrick Lamar, who was the keynote for the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston, where he participated in a live interview, is publicly speaking about the protest. Kendrick's support of Kaepernick is not surprising, and he let folks know that it's bigger than this moment. The boycott isn't about whether or not it will "work" but rather about the statement it sends to future generations about standing up for humanity.

Specifically, Kendrick was asked about the impact he wants to have on future generations, which led him to point to Kaepernick.

"[Kaepernick] wants to stand for something," Lamar said. "Simple as that. You don’t look at the moment, whether it’s gonna work or not. No, you look at what the next generation is gonna receive from it."

Take a look at the video above.

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