"Fly like a bird" just took on a whole new meaning, as The Louisville International Airport board has decided to name it after the legendary heavyweight boxer, Muhammad Ali.

The airport will now be named Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, but its location identifier will remain SDF.

Ali, a Louisville native, died in 2016 after a long battle with Parkinson's syndrome. He was 56-5 in his professional boxing career, and many consider him the greatest heavyweight in history.

His widow, Lonnie Ali had the following to say concerning the board's decision to name the airport after her late husband.

 "I am happy that visitors from far and wide who travel to Louisville will have another touch point to Muhammad and be reminded of his open and inclusive nature, which is reflective of our city. Muhammad was a global citizen, but he never forgot the city that gave him his start. It is a fitting testament to his legacy.”

What a noble citizen... what a legacy... and WHAT an honor!

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