If you drive a Kia or know someone who does, it just may be on the Kia list of recalled cars. Nearly 380K Kia vehicles have been recalled due to an issue that could make them catch on fire.For that reason, Kia and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are warning Kia owners to park their vehicles outside and away from their homes, buildings, and other vehicles to prevent fire from spreading in the event the vehicle does catch on fire.

According to CNN, The recall applies to some model year 2017 through 2021 Sportages and 2017 through 2019 Cadenzas that aren't equipped with Smart Cruise Control. Smart Cruise Control enables the vehicle to use radar to automatically maintain a safe distance from other cars on the highway. Vehicles with regular cruise control may be involved in the recall, Kia said.

If you're in question as to whether or not your vehicle is on the recall list, click the button below to check the NHTSA website.  Make sure you have your VIN is available.

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