Today on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show:

Lil' Mario from San Angelo, Texas, helped us kick off the show by Flushing the Format!

Grammy nominee Jess Glynne joined us in the Canal Side Lounge to promote her debut album I Cry When I Laugh. If you missed her incredible performance, check out the videos below.

Yesterday while trying to show off her high-waisted pants, Jenna lifted her sweater a little too high, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra and little bit more. The crazy part is that NONE of the cast noticed at the time, but we played that back for them this morning! Watch the reaction below!

Plus, we had a special edition of Craigslist Valentine's Day and let you know about all the great gifts available for your Valentine....Including a casket!


  • We're sending you to LA for the premiere of the next season of AMC's The Walking Dead! Just submit a love letter to your favorite cast member on and you could win!
  • We will get to chat with WWE legend, Sgt. Slaughter and Academy Award winner and comedian Mo'Nique. Don't miss it!
  • And, tune in on Tuesday morning at 7:30 CT to find out what happened when J-Si hung out with Alessia Cara!

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