Depending on where you stand, this is either the most or least surprising news you'll hear all day: Kim Kardashian is meeting with President Donald Trump to discuss prison reform.

According to Vanity Fair, Kardashian, who's been in touch with Trump's senior advisor Jared Kushner for months, will enter the White House's hallowed halls Wednesday (May 30) to discuss a case that's close to her heart. Kardashian aims to ask Trump to pardon a woman who's serving a life sentence behind bars for a first-time drug offense.

And Kushner, who's pushed for bipartisan support of prison reform efforts since Trump entered office, is Kardashian's greatest cheerleader. He's an avowed supporter of the First Step Act, "which aims to better prepare inmates to re-enter society by incentivizing participation in job-training and drug-treatment programs, and which would also give nonviolent offenders more options to serve the ends of their sentences in halfway houses or home confinement."

“If we can start showing that we can make the prisons more purposeful and more effective at lowering the recidivism rate over time, that may help the people who are trying to make the argument for sentencing reform,” Kushner said at an event just weeks ago.

Kardashian will have to settle for second family member to have met the president in an official capacity — in December 2016, her husband Kanye West visited Trump in New York City's Trump Tower to talk about the prevalence of violence in the United States and, more specifically, in West's native Chicago.

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