Ahhhh NASA, remember the good ol' days when they flew space missions, real men and women did space walks, they launched new satellites and fixed failing ones? Remember those days?

I know, I know, NASA is still working on space missions, we still have the International Space Station, although we don't make anything that will carry our people up there and back anymore. But no worries, our buddies the Russians still fly those old Soyuz spacecraft and they're perfectly willing to take our astronauts up with theirs, for a price. A "price", by the way, that went up 20% higher than when we still had the shuttle program. It now costs 63 million per rider. Which is admittedly less than the cost of launching our own shuttle, but there's no backup plan. What if things went sour with the Russians? All of a sudden they hate us again and our people are stuck up there. OK, I'll try no to get too far off the subject of this post.

God bless Raul Oaida of Romania, he put together a model of a Shuttle made from Legos building blocks and launched it to 114,000 feet on a weather balloon. There was a camera trained on the shuttle the entire flight and you can view that flight on YouTube.com or on the link below. The lure of space flight still fascinates a lot of us today, I still dream of being the first Disc Jockey in space and Dammit, WHERE"S MY JETSON'S CAR?!

I digress... enjoy the video.



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