There is a White rapper going viral because people think he sounds like Lil Baby and the Quality Control rapper has questions.

A teen rapper from Clover, S.C., who goes by the moniker Lil Man J, has had the internet abuzz for the last two weeks for his new rap song "Cap Freestyle," which sounds eerily similar to a Lil Baby track. On Wednesday (July 6), the Atlanta rapper finally weighed in on the viral rhymer.

On a post shared by @ourgenerationmusic that shows a clip of a Lil Man J video, Lil Baby offered his thoughts in the comment section. The My Turn rapper seem genuinely stumped as to whether J was real or a parody act.

"Is this a joke or he serious?" Lil Baby questioned.

lil Baby comments on Lil Man J video

Despite his wholehearted effort to sound like a Lil Baby clone, Lil Man J seems serious about his efforts to become a rap star. The recent high school graduate started making music in 2020 and went viral two weeks ago after posting a YouTube tutorial about how to make a Lil Baby song. On July 1, he released his new single "Cap Freestyle," which has been in the top five of Spotify's Viral 50 chart for the past few days.

He leans into the Lil Baby act in the lyrics of the song. "Tryna act Black but I'm White as can be/Yeah, I'm White Lil Baby no one harder than me," he rhymes.

The internet has been offering opinions on the neophyte MC via social media.

"Lil Man J’s music fuckin slappss he da white baby fa sho," someone commented on Twitter.

"You know there’s white people who can’t stand lil baby but love lil man j," another person posted.

Listen to Lil Man J's "Cap Freestyle" and See Reactions Below

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