Food, the very word makes me hungry. From sweet to spicy we love food, but did you ever wonder where this tasty food came from? 

What food that we enjoy actually comes from the great state of Arkansas? According to the site Arkansas, the Natural State these three foods are truly Arkansas.

1. Chocolate Gravy says:

Often attributed to the Arkansas Ozarks, this thick, sweet sauce is traditionally made with fat, flour and cocoa powder.

I have to admit I have never had chocolate gravy. It sounds like it would be good, after all, it is chocolate, right. It is usually poured over some nice warm biscuits.

2. Fried Pickles

Now, who hasn't had a fried pickle? I didn't know that there different types of fried pickles until Sonic had their fried pickle wedges. This is what had to say about fried pickles in Arkansas:

The now-closed Duchess Drive-In in Atkins lays claim to the original recipe. Today, many restaurants around Arkansas offer fried pickles as appetizers, so you’ll find endless varieties to savor as you travel through the state.

3. Cheese Dip

Are cheese dip and queso the same thing? And was it really invented in of all places Arkansas? had this to say about this wonderful dish:

Yep, cheese dip is an Arkansas invention. The consensus seems to be that cheese dip first appeared on a menu in the 1930s at a North Little Rock establishment called Mexico Chiquito.

Arkansas has embraced 'cheese dip' so much that there is an annual cheese dip festival in Little Rock. You can read more about that in a story I did about the Cheese Dip Festival.

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