If you are a disc golf fan or love to go out and support your local restaurant we have some things for you to check out this weekend in Texarkana.

1. Parent With A Purpose.  Church  On The Rock will present Parenting with a purpose. Come and see how to learn practical parenting to build a strong and healthy home.

2. LIve Music In Texarkana.  There is an open mic night tonight at Hopkins Icehouse downtown for you to show your singing or playing skills. There is also a great lineup of local bands you can see as well.

3. Texarkana Association Disc Golf Membership Drive. This event is Saturday at 9 am at Spring Lake Park and is open to people of all skill levels.

4. We are celebrating Restaurant Week with some great deals on food from our local restaurants. If you would like to get in on these deals that are for Newks. Dapper at Park Place, The Hilton Garden Inn, Silver Satr Smokehouse, or ElChico. You can get $50 of food for just $25 get these deals now while we still have them. Seize the Deal.

5. We have a new station for you to check out. Good Time Oldies is on the air at 107.5 FM and 790 AM. What are good time oldies?

GOOD TIME OLDIES features the golden era of pop, rock, and soul: hit music of the ’60s and ’70s with a healthy portion of “oh-wow” songs from other decades. The music is up tempo and the presentation is full of energy, including features about rock and roll history and the timeless artists of the era.

Here is the website for the new station. You can also follow us on Facebook and we have a free app as well

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