UPDATE (Nov. 15):

A source close to the Boosie camp has confirmed to XXL that the rapper was shot. No additional details are available at this time.


Reports are swirling that Boosie BadAzz was shot in the leg this morning in Dallas.

Today (Nov. 14), local Dallas ABC News affiliate WFAA reports Boosie BadAzz suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. Details on the situation are scarce, but according to the outlet, the rapper, born Torrence Hatch Jr., was treated for his injury at a local hospital. He reportedly refused to cooperate with the police about the incident, which allegedly occurred at a strip mall called Big T's Plaza, according to TMZ.

There are also other reports that claim Boosie was not shot, with some rap fans and media outlets saying the rapper's Sprinter van was struck, but Boosie walked away unscathed.

Boosie has yet to address the alleged incident directly. However, since the situation supposedly occurred, he has posted video of himself on Instagram and on his Instagram Story. In one post on his IG account, he slowly films his entire body from head to toe. In the second video, he calmly steps out of his Sprinter van after putting on some glasses. One could speculate that he is silently disproving the new reports of being shot or he could be just showing off his drip.

The Down South rhymer was in town to attend a candlelight vigil for recently murdered Dallas rapper Mo3, who was shot and killed on Nov. 11. The rapper was reportedly signed to Boosie's label BadAzz Music Syndicate. Boosie also performed at a local club and attended a comedy event, according to his Instagram Story.

XXL has reached out to the Dallas Police Department, Boosie BadAzz and the rapper's team for comment.

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