I know that a lot of people will be visiting family and friends this weekend.That's why I couldn't help but remember when Jathan and I would have friends over to our house for a meal. The place that everyone always seemed to gather was the kitchen even though we had plenty of comfortable seating in the living room.

Our guests would talk to us while we took food out of the oven and we laughed about the funny happenings of the day or week. It always brought a smile to our face to see everyone so carefree and happy.

Since moving to Texas, Jathan and I reminiscence about the sounds associated with a party in full swing in our house. Our eclectic group of friends didn't really know one another until they gathered at our house but strong friendships have bonded many of them together since their first meeting.

So take a moment and enjoy your friends for who they are and try not to focus solely on making everything perfect. It's the chaos within the perfect moment that make memories of a lifetime.

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