The hype may have died down, but get ready to RUMBLE on November 28! Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones will hit the ring with something to prove.

The Tyson vs Jones fight was originally set for September 12. Then it was changed to November 8.There has been speculation that the two needed additional time to prepare Tyson being 54 and Roy 51.  With that being said... this can be really painful to watch or really impressive. *insert thinking emoji*

For me, the million dollar question is ummm why is this fight even happening?? So here's what I found out...... Tyson has launched a "Legends Only" venture with the hopes of convincing past stars of various sports to return to the spotlight. The decision to resume rigorous boxing training and lace up the gloves looks to be part of that initiative.

Tyson told ABC news the following:

"I had so many athletes that called me want to be involved with [Legends Only]," Tyson told ABC News. You got Jerry Rice, [Joe] Montana. Listen, there are so many people that want to do this stuff."

Here's the tea friends..... the fight has been shifted from six three-minute rounds to eight two-minute rounds, and Jones Jr. has stressed that he feels the whole thing has been placed in his opponent's favor.

On the Joe Rogan Podcast, Roy said:

"Everything's to his advantage," he said . "At this point, the fans are so excited about it, I wouldn't want to pull the rug from under the fans … and they (Team Tyson) will try and sue me.

"It's not really worth it, so I'm going to go in and do these two rounds, but I'm going to have to work a little bit faster than I expected to."

PRESSURE! So where we watching the fight, at friends. Fight night watch information below:


  • Date: Saturday Nov. 28
  • Time:  p.m. CST
  • Tyson and Jones are expected to make their ring walks about 11 p.m.
  • Price: $49.99
  • FITE have acquired the rights to show Tyson vs. Jones Jr. in the U.S. and Canada via their various platforms ( and its streaming apps), as well as on, which will serve as the central hub for the legends event.
  • Check with your local provider to see if the fight is available.



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