Mischa Barton's spirits appear to be at least a little lifted after the actress was hospitalized on January 26 following a meltdown that she claims was triggered by being slipped GHB, otherwise known as the date-rape drug.

Barton shared her first social media update yesterday (January 30) since seeking treatment: an image of a zen Buddha figure whose head is decorated with a lime green-accented peace sign. There isn't a caption or tag, but fans took the image as a sign that Barton is getting better.

"Mischa, I hope you're already better! You have many fans who love you in the world," one follower wrote, while another noted "So happy you are doing better! Just goes to show you can never trust who you are with, insane that someone would go and put GHB into your drinks. So sorry you had to have that publicly shown but glad you got the help for it."

Barton told People she recalls celebrating her 31st birthday with friends on the night of her hospitalization, and could sense suddenly that something was very wrong.

"While having drinks, I realized that something was not right as my behavior was becoming erratic and continued to intensify over the next several hours," she said.

TMZ proceeded to post a troubling video of the star yelling and moaning over a fence, claiming that the world was ending and insisting that her mother was a witch.

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