Miss Jamaica, Davina Bennett may not have won the crown, but she rocked HER OWN crown!

The natural, black woman in me forgot she was wearing weave Sunday night during  2017 Miss  Universe Pageant and turned cartwheels inside when the beautiful, intelligent, brown skinned sista, Davina Bennett hit societies "platform for beauty" rocking her afro with zero apologies. She was nothing shy of breath taking.

The 21-year-old philanthropist made her country and all natural African American little girls and women, alike, proud when she used her platform to kick against the norm.... blowouts and extensions and made the bold statement that it is OK to rock your hair in it's natural state.

Jamaica's beauty came in as 2nd Runner Up to1st Runner Up, Laura Gonzalez and Miss Universe 2018, Demi-Leigh Nel Peters.  She will always be a winner in our book. Not only is she a beauty on the outside, she's adorable on the inside and has a heart for the deaf community. Click on the video below to see the heart of Miss Davina Bennett.

Unfortunately, the natural hair styles of African Americans are still viewed as unprofessional, inappropriate and/or a distraction. Thanks, Davina Bennett, for making the first step in changing the game on the world's largest platform of "acceptable beauty". And hella thanks for taking all of us with you.

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